Who has a key to your home?

“If you think your home is safe just because the door is locked…..think again.” -Action News 5, Memphis

Keep ANYONE from unlocking your doors

Only 3 simple steps.

Three Simple Steps

The Lock Locker WILL stop ANY key

  • Installs in just seconds.

    No tools required!

  • Protects doors against unwanted entry:

    Borrowed keys, lock bumping, lock picks, copied/stolen keys.

  • Provides peace of mind.

    At home or away from home, The Lock Locker keeps you safe.

  • Made of Ultra High Impact Resin.

    Will NOT break.

  • Perfect for travel.

    Whether you are away from home for business or pleasure.

If it’s on, it’s LOCKED!

The Lock Locker was developed to protect people and families while in the home. The Lock Locker keeps the deadbolt locked and prevents ANY KEY from unlocking the deadbolt.

Each Lock Locker comes with two round inserts allowing it to work on the VAST MAJORITY of deadbolts on the market today. Works great for TRAVEL too (hotels, cabins, vacation rentals) 


Did you know that 95% of the homes in America are not protected even when their doors are locked? That’s because intruders know how ineffective deadbolts really are. The Lock Locker provides an extra layer of security for you and your family. Go to bed at night feeling more secure knowing that your deadbolts are locked and will stay locked!

The Lock Locker is a patented device that, once it is placed on the door while in the locked position, renders a key useless and even thwarts criminal attempts such as bump keys and lock picking.

Install The Lock Locker on Every Door

  • The Lock Locker is patented protection.

    It protects against ANY unauthorized keyed entry.

  • Bump keys and copies of keys?

    They are no match for The Lock Locker.

  • Haven’t had the locks changed?

    The Lock Locker even protects against legitimate keys.

The Lock Locker in the Press

What people are saying about The Lock Locker

There’s no better feeling than knowing that I could put my baby to bed and take a shower without feeling my front door could be compromised. I absolutely felt safer being home alone at night with my child as well.

I would recommend The Lock Locker because it gives you a sense of security, it is easy and it works!

The Lock Locker as an extra measure of security helps to give me more peace of mind.

Having four children in different rooms, safety is a big concern for us. I do worry during the night, and get up often to check on them. Any extra security measure for our family is a bonus!

This product is great, we would highly recommend it!

I love it!  I don’t think anyone has tried to break-in but I feel better knowing it’s on

The Lock Locker vs. A Bump Proof Deadbolt

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