With an average of 2 million break-ins every year, we are all thinking about ways to prevent criminals from targeting our homes.  There is no better feeling than to have a sense of security while in your own home.

I know how important home safety is to you because it is important to me too.  Above anything, I am a husband and a father.  My wife, Carey, and I have always taken our family’s security very seriously.  Recently, we’ve gotten involved in the safety of our community as well, by becoming block captains in our very active neighborhood watch program.

We have four kids:  our oldest two, Austine and Andrew, are in college, while our two youngest, Reeve and Denver are just beginning their elementary school years.  Whether we are on one of our occasional travel adventures or at home watching a movie, we want our house to be safe and secure for our family.


The Lock Locker was invented from the desire to protect families.  When my Uncle Gene, who is an engineer, heard about lock bumping, he knew that the locks on our doors were not enough to prevent criminals from unlocking them and coming into our homes.  That’s when he got serious about coming up with a way to prevent anyone from using a bump key or unauthorized key, from entering our home with ease.

Together my Uncle and I began to come up with a solution that stopped bump keys from working.  Over the past two years we developed a viable product that we could stand behind proudly. In fact, The Lock Locker works so good that it will even prevent anyone with a legitimate key from unlocking your door.

The journey to the finished product was challenging but fun. We tested countless prototypes and ideas, and what we ended up with was a strong, reliable and patented product that anyone, young or old, could easily use to protect themselves and their home.

Setting up The Lock Locker (for the first time) only requires three steps:

1.  Lock your deadbolt.
2.  Put the flat piece of The Lock Locker over the door knob and raise it up to the deadbolt.
3.  Insert the round piece into the flat piece so that it fits around your deadbolt.

The Lock Locker holds the deadbolt in the locked position regardless of how much force is used to move it.  If force is used the key will break off the key in the door, but it will not turn the deadbolt, thus keeping the door locked.  The material used to make The Lock Locker is the same material used for bullet proof glass in banks. To say that it is strong is an understatement!

There are 21 locking positions on The Lock Locker, which means that no matter which direction your deadbolt locks, you can easily slip The Lock Locker over the deadbolt. It comes with both the “oval” and “rectangle” shaped inserts to ensure that it works on just about any deadbolt.  In addition, we have included an adapter in the case where the deadbolt is out of reach from The Lock Locker.

Take It With You

We designed The Lock Locker in such a way you can easily remove it from your door and take it with you on the go.  If you move or purchase new locks, you can be confident that it will continue to provide the peace of mind that you’ve come to rely on.  One of our favorite uses of The Lock Locker is for travel.  Why not add extra security to your hotel or cabin door, knowing you are not the only person with a key to your room.

The benefits of using The Lock Locker can be felt in ways that you didn’t expect.  I want you to feel the added sense of security that we feel in our home.  You can’t afford to be without it!