“Bump Keying” is absolutely real and has been around for over 60 years and continues to be a  legitimate method used by Lock Smiths for gaining entry into homes.  Bump keys work on nearly all pin/tumbler locks. This includes:

  • Deadbolts
  • Door locks
  • Pad locks

Recently when a few individuals  posted the long secret technique on YouTube and other sites on the internet. In about 2007 the technique and detailed instructions went viral and now anyone with a computer can simply type in:

  • “Bump Key”
  • “Lock Bumping”

into Google and quickly become an expert.  Not only is the method for creating bump keys that will fit ANY lock available in step by step tutorials but many actual internet stores have popped up and anyone can purchase professionally made “Bump Keys” and Bump Hammers. Some states see and acknowledged the problem and have outlawed the sale of professionally made bump keys. Even so the technique is out there for all to see and it is no secret that the criminals and ill willed individuals have taken notice.

What could be better for a thief than to be able to enter a home with NSFI “No Sign of Forced Entry”, no noise, quickly and easily.

Criminals with ill intentions are not the only source of concern. What about the idle young people who may be interested or bored and decide to check out the neighbor’s house?

Yes!  The Lock Locker works equally well on both handle levers and traditional door knobs.

No, you do not need to assemble The Lock Locker each time. The Lock Locker only requires a one time assembly and configuration.  This involves only 3 simple and quick steps and then it is ready for use.

After the one time configuration/assembly you can be confident that The Lock Locker will only attach to the deadbolt in the locked position.

This is extremely helpful in that it is easy to identify with a quick glance that the locks are locked.

The Lock Locker will not lock you out of your home because it requires that someone be in the home to put in on the locks.

This is not true for other solutions on the market that have actually locked out the home owner requiring broken windows or other methods to gain entry.

The Lock Locker is extremely easy to install and requires absolutely no tools. It only needs to be done once per door and requires only 3 steps and about 15 seconds per door to assure that your doors are actually locked.

Three Simple Steps

  • Step One: Lock the deadbolt
  • Step Two: Place the “Flat Piece” over the door handle
  • Step Three: Position the “Round Piece” over the deadbolt knob and mate the “Round Piece” with the “Flat Piece”
  • Done- Your door is now actually locked.

Note: Detailed instructions are included with each package.

There would be some noise as a result of a Bump Key attempt. It depends somewhat on whether the burglar is using a screwdriver or similar tool/instrument to bump the lock.  Bump hammers tend to be quieter and can be purchased by anyone online for under $20.

The overall sound would similar to the sound from using a legitimate key to unlock the deadbolt. This also assumes you are in the room or part of the house that the burglar is attempting to get in.

The Lock Locker can be used on different doors with different deadbolt positions.

It is recommended that there be one Lock Locker for each door leading to the outside of the home/dwelling.

The Lock Locker will accommodate virtually all deadbolt knob shapes and virtually all deadbolt locking positions. It can be easily configured one time to fit vertical, horizontal or any random position that particular deadbolt should lock in.

This is due to our patented design which has 21 locking positions.  This feature is not offered in any other solution on the market.

After following the 3 very simple steps for configuring The Lock Locker in the correct and locked position, it is not possible for The Lock Locker to be put on the deadbolt in the incorrect and un-locked position. This is why we suggest there be a Lock Locker that is assigned to each door since the locked position and configuration can be very different from door to door even within the same home.

The Lock Locker conveniently hangs from the door handle for quick emplacement and storage while not in use.

The Lock Locker has been designed to work on virtually all shape deadbolt knobs and locking knob angles.  The Lock Locker rotates around 360 degrees and has 21 locking positions.

We are happy to say that The Lock Locker will work on many of the doors found throughout the world. However it was specifically designed to work on over 90% of the most common deadbolts and door knob combinations found in North America. Please confirm that it will work on your door prior to ordering. Follow the guideline above.

The Lock Locker quickly and easily attaches to the deadbolt with our patented design. It is this design that allows for a one step and less than one second removal.

When properly assembled The Lock Locker is extremely simple to remove. It requires only 1 second and 1 move to disengage. It has been designed with children and elderly in mind.

There are no tools required for The Lock Locker. It is held together with 4 high powered magnets. The Lock Locker will not mar the door or locks. It can be easily disassembled and removed in order to attach to a different door or to be taken with you when moving.

The Lock Locker will work in a wide variety of hotel rooms. There are numerous variations of hotel room doors and as a result we cannot predict the odds of it fitting, but on many occasions The Lock Locker has provided us significant peace of mind while traveling.

The Lock Locker will only work on doors that have a deadbolt. In cases where the dead bolt knob is very small (3/4″ long or smaller) allowing it to spin freely it will not work. We are working to provide an adapter allowing for smaller knobs to work.

Working Dimensions

Where the distance between the deadbolt and the door knob is less that 2.25” inches the accessory piece must be used. See example below

The accessory piece provided allows The Lock Locker to be adapted so that the only real limit is a 1 1/2″ space between deadbolt knob and door knob.

Accessory Configuration


If The Lock Locker does not fit or work with your locks please contact us immediately and let our support team see if there is a way we can resolve the issue.  If we cannot make The Lock Locker work for you send The Lock Locker back and we will gladly refund you in full.

REMEMBER:  The Lock Locker is perfect for travel and works in many hotels, cabins and vacation homes were many copies of keys may be floating around.

It also makes a terrific gift so don’t forget family who more than likely has locks that will work with The Lock Locker.


The Lock Locker is 3″ at its widest point, 9″ in length and 5/8″ deep.

Currently we only offer The Lock Locker in “Low Visibility” Clear and “High Visibility” Red.

Please reach out to us and let us know if there are other finishes you would like us to develop.

While The Lock Locker cannot be guaranteed to fit on every deadbolt our research and testing has shown that it will work on the vast majority of the doors in North America with a deadbolt.

The Lock Locker is made of high impact poly-carbonate. This material will offer years of use at an affordable price. It is made of the same stuff they use for bullet proof glass in banks.


All people who live in homes, apartments, dorms, other would benefit from the security and peace of mind that comes from using The Lock Locker. This includes:

  • Families
  • People who live alone
  • Single women
  • Single parents
  • Students living in dorms
  • People who have NOT changed their locks after buying a home, renting or leasing
  • Anyone who has a hide-a-key.
  • People who have left house keys with a valet, a mechanic, contractor, house keeper or pest control services.

Any apartment dweller since it is a known fact that they are NOT the only people who have a key to the locks. Many people could have copies of the keys to the locks of those living inside.

  • Management/Super
  • Maintenance
  • Previous tenants

NOTE: Anyone  can go to YouTube and watch  videos on how to Bump Locks.  Bump Keys are available for as little as $3 online.  These keys can open almost any lock in America.

We use one of the most trusted merchant accounts that can be found today along with credit card authorization from  We never directly receive you credit card information.

We have also added the option our customer to use PayPal or the Amazon Cart method of online payment.

“There’s no better feeling than knowing that I could put my baby to bed and take a shower without feeling my front door could be compromised. I absolutely felt safer being home alone at night with my child as well.”  -Anna

“I would recommend The Lock Locker because it gives you a sense of security, it is easy and it works!”     -Krista

“The Lock Locker as an extra measure of security helps to give me more peace of mind. Having four children in different rooms, safety is a big concern for us. I do worry during the night, and get up often to check on them. Any extra security measure for our family is a bonus! This product is great, we would highly recommend it!”   -Shannon

“I love it!  I don’t think anyone has tried to break-in but I feel better knowing it’s on. ”  – Regina


Our customers have resounded that they want a device that will blend with their current décor and not distract. The translucent Lock Locker offers the least distracting experience that is verging on invisible in many situations.

We also have a limited quantity of RED Lock Lockers for those who desire The Lock Locker to be more visible.

Every door leading to the outside of the home that has a deadbolt needs to be locked with The Lock Locker.

Until a new standard for home security is developed deadbolts will continue to need The Lock Locker to actually ensure that they are truly locked.

The name The Lock Locker means just that, it locks locks. The Lock Locker actually locks deadbolts so that even the actual key made for that particular lock will NOT be able to unlock the lock.

This is particularly important if you are uncertain of who has a key to your locks like in the case of apartments, home purchases where the locks have not be changed after taking ownership,where you are either unable to change the locks or can’t afford to change the locks or if you have given the a copy of you key to someone who is no longer welcome in you home or you want to be able to control if and when they may enter.

  • Maintenance workers
  • Managers
  • Crazy ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, etc. (Pamela is there a better way to say this?) Family/friends with restraining orders
  • House Keepers
  • Contractors
  • and more

Placing The Lock Locker on the deadbolt ensures that keys or other attempts such as “Bump Keying” or “Lock Picking” will fail to unlock the deadbolt. Allowing those inside the time to call for help or the time to choose whether or not to remove The Lock Locker.

Once we learned that the locks to our home were not actually locked to those who know how to unlock them we began to search for a solution. With no simple solution being found we began to create one.  Being able to control access to our home was of absolute importance. The peace of mind that comes from knowing the locks are actually locked in priceless. This is especially true when traveling out of town and knowing that my wife and children are safe inside.

The solutions that exist in most cases involve tools and skilled instillation, are VERY expensive, involve difficult to disengage steps or don’t work. None of the solutions we have found effectively keep what is proven to be a worthy security device in place, the common deadbolt.

The deadbolt is the standard 1st defense in home security. Though it can be compromised quite easily in seconds by anyone who knows how to use a bump key and in less than a second or by someone who has an actual key the deadbolt is a worthy opponent to anyone wanting to gain entry when it is locked by The Lock Locker.

Locks 90%+ of all deadbolts in North America and works internationally too.

  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Protects against Bump Keys, Bump Keying Techniques
  • Protects against lock picking of the deadbolt.
  • Closes one more hole in home security that burglars/thieves use to gain entry. 
  • Hangs conveniently on door while not in use
  • The Lock Locker will only attach to the deadbolt when it is in the locked position.
  • This allows for just a quick glance to gain confirmation that the door is actually being protected by The Lock Locker.

The main difference about The Lock Locker and other home security products is that The Lock Locker is specifically designed to lock and keep locked the common deadbolt.

While criminals have many ways to enter a person’s home it is a fact that they most often attempt to enter through doors first.

The Lock Locker specifically is designed to keep your doors locked while you are in the home.

The Lock Locker is not meant to replace other home security measures. It is meant to close off one more hole/vulnerability in a home’s security when the individual or family is home.

It is well known that burglars often will move on to another home if their usual means of breaking in fail to work.  This is what The Lock Locker seeks to do.  If a burglar’s method of entry is “Bump Keying” or they have obtained a legitimate/actual key or copy and they approach a home where The Lock Locker is locking their locks this method will fail and they will be forced to find another way in.

Often it is easier to move on.   So tell your neighbors so they can be protected too!

The strength and protection a deadbolt provides is well know and has become North Americas most common and primary form of home door defense. The strength and protection of the dead bolt is due to the fact that the bolt when locked actually extends into the frame of the door and passes through a steel strike plate that is in most cases secured by 1”-2” wood screws.

While the deadbolt is highly effective in most cases, it is 100% useless if someone you don’t want in your home has a key or is able to use the “Bump Key” method or other lock picking techniques of unlocking the deadbolt.

Locks are only locked if no one else has the key or possess the knowledge to unlock a locked door. The Lock Locker keeps the deadbolt locked and prevents ANY KEY from unlocking the deadbolt.

The Lock Locker was developed to protect people and families while in the home by actually locking the deadbolt locks you currently have. It is not possible to put The Lock Locker on the door from the outside or while leaving the home.

It is NOT recommended to put The Lock Locker on all doors and exit through the garage door since there is a possibility of a power outage and when returning home it would be impossible to get in through the doors that have been locked with The Lock Locker.