What are people saying about The Lock Locker

“There’s no better feeling than knowing that I could put my baby to bed and take a shower without feeling my front door could be compromised. I absolutely felt safer being home alone at night with my child as well.”  -Anna

“I would recommend The Lock Locker because it gives you a sense of security, it is easy and it works!”     -Krista

“The Lock Locker as an extra measure of security helps to give me more peace of mind. Having four children in different rooms, safety is a big concern for us. I do worry during the night, and get up often to check on them. Any extra security measure for our family is a bonus! This product is great, we would highly recommend it!”   -Shannon

“I love it!  I don’t think anyone has tried to break-in but I feel better knowing it’s on. ”  – Regina

Is your web site secure for online purchases?

We use one of the most trusted merchant accounts that can be found today along with credit card authorization from Authorize.net.  We never directly receive you credit card information.

We have also added the option our customer to use PayPal or the Amazon Cart method of online payment.

Who needs or would benefit from the Lock Locker?

All people who live in homes, apartments, dorms, other would benefit from the security and peace of mind that comes from using The Lock Locker. This includes:

  • Families
  • People who live alone
  • Single women
  • Single parents
  • Students living in dorms
  • People who have NOT changed their locks after buying a home, renting or leasing
  • Anyone who has a hide-a-key.
  • People who have left house keys with a valet, a mechanic, contractor, house keeper or pest control services.

Any apartment dweller since it is a known fact that they are NOT the only people who have a key to the locks. Many people could have copies of the keys to the locks of those living inside.

  • Management/Super
  • Maintenance
  • Previous tenants

NOTE: Anyone  can go to YouTube and watch  videos on how to Bump Locks.  Bump Keys are available for as little as $3 online.  These keys can open almost any lock in America.