Can The Lock Locker be put on the door incorrectly, effectively keeping the deadbolt in the un-locked position?

After following the 3 very simple steps for configuring The Lock Locker in the correct and locked position, it is not possible for The Lock Locker to be put on the deadbolt in the incorrect and un-locked position. This is why we suggest there be a Lock Locker that is assigned to each door since the locked position and configuration can be very different from door to door even within the same home.

The Lock Locker conveniently hangs from the door handle for quick emplacement and storage while not in use.

What if my Deadbolt locks in the Vertical, Horizontal, or random position?

The Lock Locker will accommodate virtually all deadbolt knob shapes and virtually all deadbolt locking positions. It can be easily configured one time to fit vertical, horizontal or any random position that particular deadbolt should lock in.  This is due to our patented design which has 21 locking positions.  This feature is not offered in any other solution on the market.

Can it be use on different doors?

The Lock Locker can be used on different doors with different deadbolt positions.

It is recommended that there be one Lock Locker for each door leading to the outside of the home/dwelling.

Would I hear it if someone was attempting to “Bump” my locks?

There would be some noise as a result of a Bump Key attempt. It depends somewhat on whether the burglar is using a screwdriver or similar tool/instrument to bump the lock.  Bump hammers tend to be quieter and can be purchased by anyone online for under $20.

The overall sound would similar to the sound from using a legitimate key to unlock the deadbolt. This also assumes you are in the room or part of the house that the burglar is attempting to get in.

Is “Bump Keying” real and what is it?

“Bump Keying” is absolutely real and has been around for over 60 years and continues to be a  legitimate method used by Lock Smiths for gaining entry into homes.  Bump keys work on nearly all pin/tumbler locks. This includes:

  • Deadbolts
  • Door locks
  • Pad locks

Recently when a few individuals  posted the long secret technique on YouTube and other sites on the internet. In about 2007 the technique and detailed instructions went viral and now anyone with a computer can simply type in:

  • “Bump Key”
  • “Lock Bumping”

into Google and quickly become an expert.  Not only is the method for creating bump keys that will fit ANY lock available in step by step tutorials but many actual internet stores have popped up and anyone can purchase professionally made “Bump Keys” and Bump Hammers. Some states see and acknowledged the problem and have outlawed the sale of professionally made bump keys. Even so the technique is out there for all to see and it is no secret that the criminals and ill willed individuals have taken notice.

What could be better for a thief than to be able to enter a home with NSFI “No Sign of Forced Entry”, no noise, quickly and easily.

Criminals with ill intentions are not the only source of concern. What about the idle young people who may be interested or bored and decide to check out the neighbor’s house?

What if my deadbolt latch locks in an untraditional angle?

The Lock Locker has been designed to work on virtually all shape deadbolt knobs and locking knob angles.  The Lock Locker rotates around 360 degrees and has 21 locking positions.

How do I install The Lock Locker?

The Lock Locker is extremely easy to install and requires absolutely no tools. It only needs to be done once per door and requires only 3 steps and about 15 seconds per door to assure that your doors are actually locked.

Three Simple Steps

  • Step One: Lock the deadbolt
  • Step Two: Place the “Flat Piece” over the door handle
  • Step Three: Position the “Round Piece” over the deadbolt knob and mate the “Round Piece” with the “Flat Piece”
  • Done- Your door is now actually locked.

Note: Detailed instructions are included with each package.

Will it ever lock me out of my house?

The Lock Locker will not lock you out of your home because it requires that someone be in the home to put in on the locks.

This is not true for other solutions on the market that have actually locked out the home owner requiring broken windows or other methods to gain entry.

Do I have to install/assemble The Lock Locker each time I put on the door?

No, you do not need to assemble The Lock Locker each time. The Lock Locker only requires a one time assembly and configuration.  This involves only 3 simple and quick steps and then it is ready for use.

After the one time configuration/assembly you can be confident that The Lock Locker will only attach to the deadbolt in the locked position.

This is extremely helpful in that it is easy to identify with a quick glance that the locks are locked.

Will it work on doors with handle levers?

Yes!  The Lock Locker works equally well on both handle levers and traditional door knobs.