Will it work internationally?

We are happy to say that The Lock Locker will work on many of the doors found throughout the world. However it was specifically designed to work on over 90% of the most common deadbolts and door knob combinations found in North America. Please confirm that it will work on your door prior to ordering. Follow the guideline above.

Will The Lock Locker adapt to ANY door in the U.S.?

The Lock Locker will only work on doors that have a deadbolt. In cases where the dead bolt knob is very small (3/4″ long or smaller) allowing it to spin freely it will not work. We are working to provide an adapter allowing for smaller knobs to work.

Working Dimensions

Where the distance between the deadbolt and the door knob is less that 2.25” inches the accessory piece must be used. See example below
The accessory piece provided allows The Lock Locker to be adapted so that the only real limit is a 1 1/2″ space between deadbolt knob and door knob.

Accessory Configuration

Will it work while staying at different hotels?

The Lock Locker will work in a wide variety of hotel rooms. There are numerous variations of hotel room doors and as a result we cannot predict the odds of it fitting, but on many occasions The Lock Locker has provided us significant peace of mind while traveling.

Are tools required?

There are no tools required for The Lock Locker. It is held together with 4 high powered magnets. The Lock Locker will not mar the door or locks. It can be easily disassembled and removed in order to attach to a different door or to be taken with you when moving.

Is it easy to remove in an emergency?

When properly assembled The Lock Locker is extremely simple to remove. It requires only 1 second and 1 move to disengage. It has been designed with children and elderly in mind.

How does The Lock Locker stay on the deadbolt?

The Lock Locker quickly and easily attaches to the deadbolt with our patented design. It is this design that allows for a one step and less than one second removal.